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Trisha Biggers Peterson, Ph.D.
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Child Custody Evaluations

Divorce can be a difficult and challenging time for both parents and children.  Whether your family has been court recommended for an evaluation, or whether you could benefit from professional advice in designing a parenting plan, Dr. Trish can help ease what would otherwise be a stressful situation for you and your children.  Dr. Trish, through her compassionate approach, can help your family develop a parenting plan focused on the developmental needs of your child.

Post-Divorce Counseling

A child's reaction to divorce and visitation schedules can change over time, particularly during the teenage years!  When parents date or remarry, post-divorce counseling can help you and your child become happier and more peaceful during these transitions.

Business Consulting Services

The workplace can be a "home away from home" bringing out the best and the worst of our personalities.  Dr. Trish can help your organization resolve employee conflicts and deal more effectively with difficult employees.  When supervisors and managers struggle to cope with impaired or under-performing employees, Dr. Trish can provide suggestions for identification and intervention to improve productivity.  She has also developed EAP services (Employee Assistance Programs) to help with personnel issues.

Professional Seminars

Dr. Trish can design seminars and workshops to inspire, encourage and motivate your staff to perform their best on the job.  Her seminars include:  'Simplify Your Life and Increase Your Productivity', 'Understanding Yourself and Others', 'Learning to Communicate More Effectively in the Workplace Using the MBTI', and 'Managing Stress So That Stress Doesn't Manage and Control You!'